One of our key  Objectives of this Programme is to work with  those Communities in St. Vincent and the Grenadines who have a significant Calinago or Garifuna population in order to strengthen their connection with their culture and heritage in order to contribute to their sustainable development.

At present we are working with the  communities of Fancy, Owia, Sandy Bay, Greggs, Point , Rose Bank and  Rose Hall .   TGHF assists Community Groups to develop a medium – long term economic project utilising the Garifuna Heritage and Culture.  We also  hold community meetings to discuss issues relating economic project and provide training in Leadership skills at Community Gatherings held twice a year.

Our Heritage programme involves the production of a Documentary on the Community’s (History, Heritage and cultural practices still surviving  (e.g farine preparation skills, names of places) as well as the development of a Community Research Project to Identify and Document sites, trails,  of historical interest to The Garifuna Heritage.

The first Community Gathering was held in 2009 in Rose Hall Village and since then there have been two Gatherings held every year .  From there the Gatherings have become an important opportunity for persons and communities who embrace their Garifuna Heritage to come together, network and share ideas.  At these Gatherings TGHF facilitates the members of the traditional Garifuna Communities to come together and begin the process of organizing community responses to the challenges facing them. TGHF  continues after the Gathering to work with the communities to, have fun,  build and strengthen their   links with each other and develop the understanding of the history and culture.

Photo Gallery for Photos of our past Community Gatherings! – Coming Soon

The next Community Gathering is planned for Greiggs in October 2012.

Visit this page for more updates on this Event.

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