A significant element of the work of our Organization has depended on building strong links with other individuals and organizations who share our goals and general objectives.  The recognition of the Garifuna Nation as one which is distributed across many geographic regions and political boundaries is an inescapable fact.  In that regard, many Garifuna persons have responded to this challenge by creatively utilizing the internet and social media networks to build links within families, organizations and communities.   TGHF is also similarly challenged.

Our Networking Programme is therefore intended to  network with persons and organizations locally , regionally and Internationally who have an interest in the Garifuna Heritage and Culture to provide a source of solidarity and support.  We intend to maintain regular communications linkages and networking with organizations and groups in the Diaspora and the region.  Once we make our contact and understand each other’s common goals we hope to establish formal relationship with regional and international organizations which are promoting the welfare of Indigenous people and afrodescendants.

Over the past ten years we have been supported in our work by many organizations and therefore we will through this webpage continue to provide information to our membership on the work which we are accomplishing through our links with those organizations .

We invite you to come back to this page to receive updates on Exchanges , Notices and  Events which are being held in collaboration with other partner organizations!  We will also share information about the work of those organizations which we feel will be of interest to our membership!

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