Present day Garifuna

The descendants of the group of persons who landed on the Island of Roatan in 1797 as well as
those who remained on St. Vincent are the Garifuna people. The process of migration has led to the Garifuna physically relocating to many parts of the world . However, it is considered that the main centres for the existence of persons who consider themselves to be Garifuna are in St. Vincent and the Grenadines , the Central American countries of Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Belize and significant communities in major cities in the United States of America.

The Garifuna people of each of these countries have been shaped and continue to be shaped by the social , economic, political and geographic realities of where they came from. This includes differences in cultural values as well as varying levels of access to national resources such as social and economic goods and services.

As part of our investigative work, IGRC is committed in the first instance, to collecting the
available data and research publications which examine all aspects of the Garifuna people in these various geographic spheres. This work will be a collaborative effort with our partners in institutions which have focused on such research as well as with organizations committed to working with and representing the Interests of Garifuna people in these locations. As such, we hope that this website will reflect a diverse collection of resources , both in terms of publications as well as other media (films, documentaries and audio) which examine and document the social, economic and cultural development of our people.

We invite our users to check back often as we update our material.

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