Vision/Mission Statement

The Vision and Mission of the International Garifuna Research Center is to Honor the richness of the Garifuna Heritage and Culture handed down to us from our Ancestors through preservation, training, education and sharing with all people.

The Center will investigate, document, interpret, and educate about the Garifuna Heritage and
Culture. The Vision for the Center is that it will provide a framework for incorporating traditional Garifuna knowledge into the broader information base for supporting the work of all persons involved in an interdisciplinary investigation and documentation of the complexity of the Garifuna Language, music, dance, history, spirituality and other elements of the culture. Although the center is physically located in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, its reach will be global reflecting the fact that the Garifuna Nation needs to maintain and build its connectedness to all the realities which comprise the wide geographical span where our people reside.

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