Call for Papers

TGHF will be hosting an International Conference to share ideas, examine issues , forge networks and  strengthen ancestral links .

We are inviting participation in this important conference through the presentation of papers on topics that focus  on research conducted on  the Garifuna Heritage and Culture by scholars, practitioners and cultural activists engaged in regional and international development.  We will consider all proposals for papers.  Papers may include those presented at previous Conferences, Seminars or workshops.   Papers may be presented in English or Spanish, however a written translation of the paper into English should be provided.

 Subjects may include but are not limited to the following :

 Garifuna Identity:

  • What  roles do civil society and political organizations play in the construction  of a Garifuna identity in the various nation states where Garifuna reside? ; The issue of Yurumei as an Ancestral Homeland and its significance to Garifuna people internationally; Exploring the Vincentian component of the Garifuna Heritage and Culture; The Garifuna within the context of the Indigenous Peoples Movement regionally and internationally  – do we fit?; Researching and writing Garifuna History –

 Garifuna Cultural Manifestations as Living Heritage:

  • Exploring practical modalities for promoting the Garifuna Culture in St. Vincent and the Grenadines; Public Policy and Practical realities relating to Education and culture pertaining to the Garifuna culture;  Has craft and practical skills training in Garifuna craft been meaningfully incorporated into development planning for the benefit of Garifuna communities?;  How has Garifuna music impacted on the youth and on non-Garifuna persons?  Have the Garifuna cultural manifestations- Visual Art, Music, Dance, Spirituality,  been economically exploited internationally and if so, for whose benefit? Documenting of the Garifuna Cultural Manifestations using visual arts-  Issues and challenges;

The Socio-Political and socioeconomic dynamics of the Garifuna Culture

  • Preservation of land rights and rights to Sacred Places – Land Issues confronting Garifuna People; Organising Garifuna Communities – tradition vs academia- practical methods and success stories; What support and new challenges emerge from the mobilization of Garifuna within the context of the Indigenous Peoples movement , the AfroDescendants movement or other socio-political movements;  How is the social media as well as the electronic and print media informing and impacting Garifuna community mobilization?

The UNESCO Declaration – Ten Years after – Review,  Refocus , Renew

  • Review and analysis of the impact of the UNESCO Declaration on the Garifuna Communities , Institutions internationally and the Garifuna Heritage and culture generally ; Administrative and Organizational opportunities and Challenges in the development of sustainable institutional platforms for strengthening the work of Garifuna organizations and communities;    Developing the virtual village –  building the basis for growth and development of Garifuna communities over the next ten years.

As part of the event we are including a series of Garifuna Film/documentary screenings.  We are inviting Film producers and documentalists to screen their work during the event.  We are also inviting Painters, sculptors, Photographers and other artists who have works with a Garifuna theme to exhibit their work.  As part of the networking objective of the Event, Garifuna Organizations, Garifuna Community Groups and institutions are also invited to showcase their programmes, projects and work.

  Papers:  Participants interested in submitting Papers are asked to submit an Abstract of no more than 300 words and a one-page biography , including Mailing address, Presentation Format, Email address(es) Telephone contacts/phone,  and fax number(s) and skype addresses by email to  Lucinna Poyer,  IGRC Conference Secretariat,  at by January 31st, 2012 .  Papers must keep to a reading time of 15 – 20 minutes (approximately 7 – 8 pages). Participants can submit Papers which have a Practice focus , which describes exemplary practices or programs in the community and which may take the form of a case study, demonstration or technical report. Presentations may also be based on the reporting of original research  or on the general application of any theoretical framework.

 Papers Deadline: Please note that the Deadline for Submission of Abstracts has been extended to February 15th, 2012.

 FILMS:  Participants interested in screening films/documentaries/videos  with a Garifuna related content are also invited to do so.  Kindly email a brief summary of the film/documentary/content to the above email address by January 31st, 2011.


Visual Arts and Craft Exhibits:  Exhibits of Paintings, sculpture and other Visual Arts with a Garifuna theme are also invited Interested persons should email the above address describing space requirements and numbers of paintings by January 31st, 2011.

Exhibits Deadline: Please note that the Deadline for Submission of  Exhibits has been extended to March 1st, 2012.

Display Booths (Garifuna Marketplace):  Garifuna Organizations, community groups , institutions and individuals worldwide who wish to showcase their work can apply to host a booth for such purpose.  Individuals may also apply .   Booths are limited and will be rented on a first come, first serve basis.

For more information , call 784-45-62124 or send an email to the above address.

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