International Garifuna Music Show




WHAT International Garifuna Music Show –THE NEW YORK PUNTA ROCK BAND – GX  &  Adrian (the doc) Martinez from Belize
THEME “The Garifuna, A Nation Displaced- Cultural Rights, Economic Survival and Reparations.”
WHEN Friday March 13th, 2015  & Saturday March 14th, 2015
WHERE Heritage Square & other venues
TIME 7:00 pm
WHAT…. Adrian (the doc) Martinez from BelizeTHE DOC started off as the lead singer in the “Forever Band” and worked with various new bands in Dangriga, also known as the Culture Capital of Belize, like Ugurou Band and Punta Rebels, but the transformation of THE DOC’s musical career commenced when he was recruited by the late great Andy Palacio to be a part of a new “project” that promoted other genres of the Garifuna people.Touring and performing throughout the United States, Europe and Central America, and being a part of the Garifuna All Stars, who later became known as the Garifuna Collective, was by far the pinnacle of THE DOC’s musical career. Despite being an accomplished musician THE DOC is probably best known for his collaboration with Palacio on the hit song Baba (Father), which demonstrates THE DOC’s vocal versatility, musical dexterity and astute songwriting skills. Being a part of the “project” not only changed the music industry in Belize, but also put Garifuna music on the global map of music emanating from Belize.After Palacio’s untimely death, THE DOC took a break from music, but has since resumed recording and performing, with new music such as Aba Katei (Something) and Anaha (Here I am) demonstrating his ability to fuse traditional Garifuna sounds with contemporary non-genre specific sounds resulting in fresh new music with distinct Garifuna “flavor”.

A Musical Revival: GX-  from New York City  Bringing Back Punta as a Fusion Genre   –

One of the best-known Garifuna bands of this era is GX Team (G for generation, X for unknown) coming directly from New York City’s Garifuna community, the largest outside Central America. GX represents Garifuna from all four countries: Belize, Honduras, and Guatemala, so they make sure to always promote Garifuna first.” Community leaders estimate the Garifuna population in New York City to be at least 200,000, which would make it the largest Garifuna population outside of Central America.

Traditional Punta has just three instruments: drums, maracas and a turtle shell. GX Team adds electronic instruments, such as keyboards, guitar and bass guitar, alongside other modern techniques creating a sound many describe as a mix of Caribbean and African rhythms, with a touch of soca from Trinidad and other Latin music influences, these guy definitely woke up the whole Garifuna nation with their sound.

The GX Team has taken the fusion process of Punta rock even further, director founder and one of the band’s musicians, Kevin Ramirez, 27, known as Big Kev, is “the King of modern Punta rock,” critics state “What Big Kev brings to the table is so advanced that I can’t even explain it,”  “The musical arrangements he creates are so sophisticated…you really just never know what he is going to do next.”However, GX Team is starting to move out of the strictly Garifuna realm. In recent months they have played at Riddimz in Houston, Texas, Garifuna festivals in Los Angeles/Chicago/Miami   as well as Manhattan clubs that tend to draw mixed crowds and big name artists.     GX Team says its work has two goals: to reach out to Garifuna youth and make them feel proud of their culture, while also breaking out of the ethnic genre to make Punta rock mainstream. Their efforts to promote and support Garifuna culture has truly been honored and appreciated in the community…

GX team was founded the yr 2008 by Kevin Ramirez (Big Kev) who had a vision of giving Garifuna music a commercialized modern sound in order to show the world that we deserve the same respect as any genre or any group of people in the world. GX team consists of 8 members, Marvin Ramirez, Steven Martinez, Alex Ciego, Edward Gonzalez, Jovan Matura, Jose Peri, Derrick Martinez and Kevin Ramirez aka Big Kev…all American born but were a mixture of Garifuna from Honduras, Belize and Guatemala and their goal is to keep working hard to have all Garifuna representing one flag, and thank god through music we see the possibilities.


Objectives of the Music show To showcase modern Garifuna music in SVG by Presentation of Music by young talented Garifuna Musicians.

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