The International Garifuna Research Center is a sub-programme of the Garifuna Heritage Foundation Inc. As such it adheres to the general objectives and forms part of the overall management structure and legal arrangements of the Foundation at this time.

However, in order for the Center to fully carry out its mandate as an International Body with a Research component, an Advisory Body has been established to guide the IGRC into its role as the first Center of its kind in the Caribbean.

The following persons have graciously agreed to serve on the Advisory Body:

Dr. Julie Chun Kim, USA
Dr. Joseph Palacio, Belize
Dr. Oliver Greene, USA
Dr. Boyd Malcolm Mariano, USA
Ms. Andrea Leland, USA
Ms. Kimberly Palmer, St. Vincent & the Grenadines
Mr. Rawle Gibbons, Trinidad & Tobago

The activities of the IGRC will be mainly implemented by a Management Team comprising cultural practitioners , scholars and other professionals both in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and elsewhere.

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