As Garifuna we form part of a wider ethnic group, in that historically we were the product of the merging of Amerindians and Africans.  This hybrid nature of our heritage has caused us to be significant in the Caribbean and in the world.  It also enables us to engage with the issues which impact on both groups , particularly at this time when there is a strong thrust from both the Indigenous Peoples Movement and the Afrodescendants Movement to educate themselves and the rest of the world about their rights and to strengthen themselves to defend their interests.

We consider it important to become involved in the process within both movements.  In the first instance, however, we continue to educate ourselves and our members with respect to the status of the Movements as well as to analyse where we may best become effective in supporting positions which we consider to be just.

Within our Advocacy Programme therefore we will develop  educational material which can be distributed on our website as well as within our membership on the rights of Indigenous People and afrodescendants.  We intend to conduct training programmes and workshops in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and hold public forums and town hall meetings on topics relevant to the issues as well as produce booklets, primers and other material for general distribution, with a particular emphasis on the youth.   We will also utilize our website and the local, regional media and social media  participate in the current discussions at various levels on critical issues affecting us as well as to provide information on resources available locally, regionally and internationally to support the work of Indigenous communities or Afrodescendants.

                Resources:  United Nations Permanent Forum for Indigenous People (UNPFIP)
                                           UN Voluntary Fund on the Rights of Indigenous People.

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