Medicinal & Aromatic Plants Workshop


DATE:      OCTOBER 8th,  2012 – January 14th , 2013

VENUE:  The Garifuna Heritage Foundation Headquarters, Yurumei House, Arnos Vale

TIME:  4:30 – 5:30 pm on Mondays

The Garifuna Heritage Foundation is based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, has established the InternationalGarifunaResearchCenter(IGRC).  IGRC will collect and maintain physical and virtual copies of all existing Garifuna arts, craft & technology, source documentation – in all formats – of existing  published and unpublished research on the Garifuna Heritage and Culture,  promote and conduct further research into the Garifuna  Heritage and Culture and related aspects; design and implement projects and programmes to ensure that the information gathered is disseminated through various media locally, regionally and internationally in particular to Garifuna people and communities.

The Garifuna Heritage Foundation is a non-profit, registered organization dedicated to promoting, and building awareness of the Garifuna Heritage and Culture locally and internationally through a diversity of programmes and activities.

The Garifuna as indigenous people have historically used Medicinal plants for healing, as well as in rituals of a spiritual nature. These Medicinal plants still exist in St.Vincent and theGrenadinestoday however, not many persons are aware of their existence or their uses. The IGRC in its programme of public information and training is collaborating with the Ministry of Agriculture is now organizing this training programme to collect and disseminate information to the general public on Medicinal plants found in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

To further educate participants who are already in the Herbal business, prospective entrepreneurs and the general public in St, Vincent and the Grenadines. The Garifuna Heritage Foundation will be hosting a twelve (12) week workshop in St. Vincent and the Grenadinesfrom October 8th, 2012- January 14th, 2013 under the theme: “The use and conservation of Medicinal Plants in St. Vincent and the Grenadines”.  The objectives of the Seminar are as follows:


  1.  To impart knowledge to participants, which will enable them to make the decision whether or not to enter into the herbal business.
  2. To inform those already in the business about those aspects that they were not aware of that can make a difference in the production and marketing of their products.
  3. To assist participants with the proper identification and verification of plants.


THEME:  “The use and conservation of Medicinal Plants in St. Vincent and the Grenadines”

DRAFT PROGRAMME:  October 8th, 2012- January 14th, 2013

Week 1  Oct. 8:    Opening Ceremony, presentation of the programme:  Venue: Cross Country Radio Station,Vigie Highway, Arnos Vale.

Week 2  Oct. 15:   Introduction to Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs), History of use. A definition of MAPs and how it was used in the past; e.g. teas, poultices, baths, healings etc.  – PRESENTED BY: Andrew Lockhart

Week 3 Oct.  22:   Global situation of MAPS/ The Caribbean situation – PRESENTED BY: Amos Glasgow

Week 4 Oct. 29:     Drugs from plants – a historical perspective; some of the plants that drugs were developed from, Cocaine, Morphine, Quinine etc.  – PRESENTED BY: Jerry Haywood

Week 5  Nov. 5:     Good Collection Practices – harvesting/collecting, sorting, drying, packaging, labeling etc.  – PRESENTED BY: Simeon Greene

Week 6  Nov. 12:   Good Agricultural Practices; selection of planting material, the site, planting material, climatic conditions, soil type among others. – PRESENTED BY:  Reuben Robertson and  Ministry of Agriculture

Week 7 Nov. 19:  Biodiversity Conservation  – PRESENTED BY: Fitz Gerald Providence

Week 8 Nov. 26: Quality Control; how do you maintain a consistent standard in developing your product – PRESENTED BY: Mr. Ezra Ledger  :  Bureau of Standards

Week 9 Dec. 3:    Local Knowledge   – Mr. Carlos Maloney

Week 10 Dec. 10:  Identification of local herbs/ Monograms- PRESENTED BY: Amos Glasgow

Week 11 Dec. 17:   Herbal Exhibition

Week 12 Jan. 14:    Evaluation, presentation of certificates and closing ceremony – Venue:Cross Country Radio Station- Vigie Highway, Arnos Vale.

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