The Garifuna Heritage Foundation participates in 8th Kalina Games held in Martinique

The Garifuna Heritage Foundation is participating in the 8th KALINA GAMES to be held in Martinique. This invitation was extended by KARISKO , an organization with which TGHF has  fraternal relations in Martinique, who agreed to meet the cost of airfare, local transportation, accommodation and meals.

The Kalina Games are to be held from December 7-10th, 2012 and includes competitions among the following country teams – Dominica, Brazil, French Guyana, Guyana, Suriname, Guadeloupe, Martinique and St. Vincent. These countries were selected because of their indigenous populations of Kalinago (Carib) people who originated in South America .  St. Vincent and the Grenadines is proud to be home to both Kalinago and Garifuna people.  The Garifuna is a racial mixture of Kalinago and African  people.

The Kalina Games comprises events which will extend over a distance of 5 km  and will be marked by various staging points along the route where specific activities will take place.  These activities include Coconut Tree climbing, Canoe Racing, Harpoon Throwing, Canoe Pulling, Tug of War, Relay Racing, Archery among others. The total competition will commence at 6:30 am and conclude at 7:30 pm  .   Four males and four females will be competing in the Games.

TGHF has been able to organise a team of  eight (8)persons comprising mainly athletes with prior experience in regional and international competitions in various disciplines such as Netball, Volleyball, cricket and athletics. Some of these persons also have experience in coaching and sports administration which will enable TGHF to organise a similar event in SVG in future. The team is comprised as follows:

Eardley Martin (Coach)
Gary Constantine
Aladin Ballantyne
Akins Questelles
Maxfield Williams
Samantha Lynch
Ladonna Woodley
Derricia May
Derrise Ballantyne

The team departed on December 6th and will return on December 10th.  TGHF wishes to thank the National Insurance Service for the sponsorship of T-Shirts for the Team.


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