The International Garifuna Summit 2015

The Garifuna Heritage Foundation and the Coordinating Committee of the International Garifuna Summit is pleased to present information to the general public regarding plans for the annual Celebration of National Heroes and Heritage Month, which takes place in March 2015.

As part of our celebration we will be hosting in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, Sports and Culture, the First International Garifuna Summit to be held in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  This Summit will be held from March 8th – 15th, 2015 under the Theme “The Garifuna,  A Nation Displaced- Cultural Rights,  Economic Survival and Reparations.”   

In recognition of the  UN Declaration and Launching of 2015 – 2024 as the UN  International Decade for  People of African Descent, the Summit will seek to focus attention  on the African component of the Garifuna Heritage and Culture.    A significant  part of the Summit will be the organizing of our   2nd International Garifuna Conference –  which will be held at the Peace Memorial Hall from March  11th – 13th, 2015 as a follow-up to the 1st International Garifuna Conference held here in 2012.

We are expecting National Delegations from Nicaragua, Honduras, Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala and USA.  We will also be welcoming scholars and practitioners of the Garifuna Heritage and Culture from St. Vincent and the Grenadines and overseas to be present for the week of activities.

We are inviting the public to attend the Opening Ceremony on March 11th at the Peace  Memorial Hall commencing at 7:00 pm to hear the Lecture from our distinguished Keynote Speaker , Professor Dr. Sheila S. Walker.    All persons should be seated by 6:45 pm.

Dr. Walker is  a leading scholar of the Global African Diaspora who has published and lectured extensively, is a filmmaker and cultural anthropologist with extensive field experience in Africa, the Americas , Asia and Europe.    Dr. Walker co- Produced the film “Slave Routes: A Global Vision,”  with Georges Collinet Productions for the UNESCO Slave Route Project.  She also edited the volume “African  Roots/American Cultures: Africa in the creation of the Americas” and produced the highly acclaimed documentary “Scattered Africa: Faces and Voices of the African Diaspora”.

This Summit will provide a unique opportunity for Vincentians to view displays and presentations as well as  participate in discussions on the way of life of the Garifuna and Kalinago  people.

The  following are the main events which  the public will be able to attend free of charge:

  • Garifuna Village – A Kalinago/Garifuna Villagewill be re-created on the grounds of the Carnegie Building (also known as the Old Public Library) and Heritage Square.  The Village, which  will be created in traditional style using indigenous materials,  will feature  cultural performances as well cultural and educational products for display and sale. 
  • International Garifuna Music Festival– We intend to showcase exciting  Garifuna dance and music traditions through performances  by international Artistes. 
  •  2nd International Garifuna Conference –  Academic Papers will be presented by Scholars and practitioners on research related to various issues related to the Garifuna Heritage and Culture and the theme of the Summit.  
  • National Schools Garifuna Folk Festival – Students from Primary and Secondary schools will come together at an all day cultural rally to present  items based on various aspects of the Kalinago &  Garifuna Culture; 
  • Workshops– Several one-day workshops  on  topics related to  Kalinago and Garifuna cultural traditions (music, spirituality, food, language, etc.)  will be facilitated by Overseas resource persons.  
  • Films- Two Garifuna  documentaries which have recently been released- “Yurumein”  & “Garifuna in Peril”  will be screened  for secondary school students in addition to  films “Slave Routes: A Global Vision,”  &  “Scattered Africa: Faces and Voices of the African Diaspora”.  based on Slavery and the Slave Trade; 
  • Exhibition- An archaeological  Exhibition of the Kalinago Village at  Argyle  will be mounted by the University of Leiden, Netherlands; 
  • International  Garifuna  Cultural Extravaganza –  National Heroes Day- A cultural event showcasing local and international performances will take place at Heritage Square following the Traditional Wreath Laying Ceremony at Dorsetshire Hill.  

This website features all our Conference information as well as our media releases and events.    The public is invited to visit us at  We are also to be found on facebook at

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